About Me


I’m Jessica. Same as many Chinese, I am the only child who has always got all the attention of my family. I only moved my sight away from textbooks, started to do some real life stuff, such as cooking and washing my own clothes only after I left China and started a new life in the UK. My life might have been boring, however, it made me more curious about what other people’s life is like? What their stories are?

I have always been fond of movies, TV series, and novels, basically stories of other human beings. This interest might come for my mom. She always read me books when I was young, even now, when we have time, when she finds something good, she will read that to me, or recommend them to me. She reads all kinds of stories from different cultures, Chinese or anything and everything, from ancient to modern time, from biographies to novels, literally anything! She told me the story of Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, told me how upright the Mayor is, how much he loves his daughter. I don’t know if you are good at names, however, my mom isn’t, so am I. So even today, I only remember the character as ‘the mayor’.

But I can’t say this interest has nothing to do with my dad. He bought me every Disney cartoon DVD, many movie DVDs, and we used to have a family movie night when I was living with my parents. My reward from dad for good performance at study was watching a movie in cinema. I still remember once after exams, my dad took me to cinema to watch the first show of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. All my friends were jealous about that, because Chinese dads are always busy with their work, and most of them don’t give a damn about all the “kid stuff”. What I didn’t tell my friends was, my dad fall asleep in the cinema, just 15 minutes after the movie started, so basically he was snoring next to me during the whole movie! LoL!

A story can be a good entertainment. When a story has been made into a movie or a TV series, it also combines with memories, knowledge, and technologies, which makes it more attractive. Stories make you laugh, make you cry, make you understand a massive thing in a second. Stories make you appreciate life!

If you agree, let’s sit down, relax and talk about some fantastic stories.

Watch out for my next post about the next great (or not so great) story!