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I am from Changchun, a beautiful city in northeast China. If you check the map below, you can find my home town is so close to Japan, Korea and Russia. And yes, you can find Japanese and Korean food easily, so do Russian vodka. People there are famous for their generosity, friendliness and helpfulness. They are also famous for drinking spirits like Russian.




But our famous food is still our traditional sauerkraut,slow cooked with pork;traditional sweet sour pork; dumplings with eek stuffing, and so on. Our food are also updating with seasons, plus the different combinations and different ingredients, even if you give me three days, I am not sure if I can finish counting them. So I think I will take another time to talk about it slowly.


As a four-seasoned city, my hometown can be as hot as 40°C in summer and as cold as -30°C in winter, regardless the windy spring and the unpredictable autumn. However, the benefits of it cannot be ignored as well. The extreme four seasons contribute to many amazing views: a light green spring always full of hope, a bright sunshine summer with all kinds of colourful flowers, plants everywhere, a white winter with the fairy tale snow view, and a golden autumn with red leaves and tasty fruits and vegetables.


The four seasons also give people a wild rang of activities. We go swimming, hiking in summer; skinning, skating in winter. Some swimming lovers also swim in winter in the open air. They say it helps to build a strong body. Well, I don’t know the scientific reason, what I know is the temperature in water is definitely higher than that out of water for sure!



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