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Why measure and evaluate communications campaigns?

PR Compaign

This article aims to answer the question “why measure and evaluate communication campaigns?” and then discusses key approaches of measuring communication campaigns with examples. It may be irrelevant to the theme of this blog, however, it is one of...

My Trip to Prague 18.5.15-23.5.15

Statue of giant with a dagger

One week after the trip, I am still dealing with the flight ticket refund. It was a trip with many unexpected troubles. However, after everything passed, I’m glad that I did not give up. Not only because of the...

Love the Big Hero 6 — A Movie Review

Big Hero 6

Spoiler alert:This blog is focusing on the stories, so it might have spoilers, please do not read it before watching the movies if you do mind.   Adventure and emotion combine beautifully in one of the most visually extravagant...

A Bite of China — A Food Documentary Review

Old Man Eats Noodles

It’s not on British telly yet but the beautifully made series ‘A Bite of China’ puts our own food TV in the shade. – Oliver Thring, the Guardian   Do you consider yourself familiar with Chinese food? This documentary...