Fast and Furious 7 — The Legend Ends Here — A Movie Review

Spoiler alert:This blog might have spoilers, please do not read it before watching the movies if you do mind.


When the tragic death of Paul Walker happened, Fast and Furious 7 was mid-way through filming. However, with the help of Paul’s brothers and some CGI trickery, the film eventually completed. This was of course a big challenge for the director James Wan, and I should say he has done a really good job.

Same as previous  F&Fs, many exciting street races are performed in this movie, even a couple of “air races”. It is reported that 230 cars were harmed during the making of this movie. No surprise, they got the spending back within one week of launching the movie, without showing it in China and Japan, which are the second and the third largest film markets in the world respectively.


Ending of Fast & Furious 7

Ending of Fast & Furious 7


What is different in this F&F 7 is it brings tears as well as entertainment. People must think that the story will kill Paul’s character, in order to continue the story after what happened. But it didn’t. It brings every shoot of Paul, even adds a special ending for him, this is also the part that got everyone in tears. “For Paul” then appears on the screen and movie ends.

For Paul

For Paul


No tag after it, the legend ends here. Everything finished, suddenly, like Paul’s life. It is a weird feeling seeing him acting on the screen, alive. However, he is no longer with us. This movie brings almost every feeling to the heart, makes you think. It is no longer a simple action movie, but another vivid life story, which you would hope to have another ending.



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