If You Have Time to Kill, Watch The Martian


Hi everyone! Long time no see!

As a late review (shameless face) I believe you have watched the Martian. What do you think about it?

Here are some of my thoughts, let’s see if we have anything in common.

  1. Old Story

There are couple movies about space exploration in recent years, such as Gravity (2013) and Interstellar (2014). They all share the similar stories—a person got lost in space and trying to survive in the space on his/her own.

      Gravity         Interstellar

  1. 3D is the selling point

3D has been developed for many years, and it is truly not something which can makes audiences excited about any more. However, to be honest, it is a really good experience to watch a space movie in 3D. They kind of complement each other on some levels. But considering the extra money you pay for the 3D tickets, I don’t think it worth the money though.

  1. Science plays a big part

From recent years sic-fi movies are no longer just a story full of fantasy. They are based on a real science theory, which attracts many scientists working on it. This makes the movies more enlighten to people who are interested in science and space. Us, as audience are talking about it more than a movie of fantasy, since some how it might come true in the future.

 By the way, the Chinese scenes are so random in my opinion. It seems like some one needs a reason to attract Chinese market. I can only say: try harder, don’t make it so obvious please!


What do you think about the movie? Please leave a comment and let me know.

Best luck in the coming week!


Here are some interesting facts about the movie:

  • Matt Damon was willing to lose massive amount of weight for the scene towards the end of the movie but Ridley Scott forbade it. Instead a body double was used.


  • Sol is a way of keeping track of time on Mars. One sol is one Martian day, or roughly 24 hours 39 minutes. One year on Mars is however a lot longer than a year on earth, 668 sols or 684 earth days.


  • Ridley Scott claimed that Matt Damon’s solo scenes were shot for five weeks straight, after which Damon was relieved from the schedule. Consequently, Damon did not meet most of his co-stars until the cast was reunited to promote the film.


  • The film was shot in Wadi Rum, Jordan, which has a red coloured desert, the same location where another Mars mission film, Red Planet (2000), was shot.



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