India’s Daughter, It Really Happens in This World

India’s Daughter has become a really hot topic that has been discussed by people all over the world. Same as everything else, it received both positive and negative feedbacks. It delivers a serious issue—Rape, which is a global problem existing in many countries.


Victims often carry the shame, and some times blame. Make them too scary to ask for help. The documentary helps raise public awareness, letting people know what is really happening in another part of the world. However, some negative feedbacks are focusing on if this documentary respects the victim, her family, rapists and even Indian people, since it motions the victim’s name, interviews one of the rapists and shows his face, and it produced by a British director.


I think people should know what is the purpose of Ms.Leslee Udwin making this documentary, at least should listen to what she says first. So I found this video, and shared it on Twitter. 

Frist Twitter


Then very soon, I got a respond,

Twitter Respond

Then I replied,

Twitter Reply


Then he didn’t reply to me.


The link he sent to me is a video about rape in the UK uploaded by another person. I know there are more and more people like them. To these people I really want to say:


Dear friend,

If the purpose of against this video is because you really want to make this world a better place, and care about those people then THANK YOU!

If you what you have done is because you want to take a revenge of British people for India’s Daughter, then it is wasting your time.

The video you posted is produced by BBC as well, the victim is telling her story HERSLEF. They show her face, show her real voice!

Facing the fact and noticing the problem is the first step of solving it! So don’t feel ‘losing face’ or ashamed. It happens almost everywhere in the world.

That is why it is important, that is why All they want to do is raising public awareness, and solving this problem.

NOT attacking any people, or any country.

Please don’t fight with the WRONG ENEMY! Those RAPISTS are your REAL ENEMIES that you should use your time ti fight with! No matter which nationality they are!


Please check out Ms.Leslee Udwin’s interview, and you can also watch the documentary through BBC iplayer.




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