Moms are Angles who Bring Miracles to This World — Happy Mother’s Day

This is a real story carried out as a commercial by Johnson’s for Mother’s Day. It is about a mom saved her newborn child after doctors already sentenced the death of the baby. That was a true miracle!


After the delivery, the baby didn’t breathe or move, but his mom couldn’t accept that he has already left. She put him on her chest, touching him, kissing him and warming him, until he started to breathe and move. Even though, the baby was too weak to be alive, therefore the doctor suggested the mom to prepare to say goodbye. But how could parents let their baby go so easily! They kept fighting for their baby. Finally, with all the support, care and love, the baby lives! Now he is a happy boy growing up healthily with his twin sister and little brother.


There is no language can express the power, beauty, heroism, and majesty of a mother’s love. They can easily bring the harmony to your hearts; make you feel peaceful and unstoppable. Their dishes are the most delicious and unique ones that you will heal and satisfy you in a second; their hugs are the most powerful and softest hugs that can erase all the worries and tiredness. Moms are always there for their children, supporting them and loving them.


Sometimes I hope I could stop the time to keep them away from winkles, grey hair, and aging. I wish I could to something to repay my mom’s love for me. But there is nothing like that.


I wish all the moms in this world a Happy Mother’s Day! Not only on that day, I wish them happy and healthy everyday!

I love you, mom!



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