My Trip to Prague 18.5.15-23.5.15

One week after the trip, I am still dealing with the flight ticket refund.

It was a trip with many unexpected troubles.

However, after everything passed, I’m glad that I did not give up.

Not only because of the beautiful view of Prague, but also the experience on the road, which cannot be measured by money.


♠ The weather seemed to know that the trip would be full of troubles.  It was raining all the way from Cardiff to London.

Raining London

♠ Long wait at the gate, even being so close to the plane, I couldn’t make it on board.♠ I’m not giving up! ≥o≤

Our Flight


♠ Finally got onto the flight to Prague on the next day. No place to sleep for the whole night…

On Board



By the way, if you need to use a bus, you have to get your ticket scanned at the first second after you get onto a bus or tram. No matter how many luggage you have, no matter you already bought a ticket, no matter you are a tourist and there is no English introduction on the machine, make sure that is the first thing you do. Otherwise some so called ‘officer’ will show you his badge, take you to an underground information board, then charge you 800cz, without listening to any explanation. And he won’t let you go no matter what, because he will put the money into his own wallet without giving you any receipt — he seems to be living on that money! So make sure that you scan that bloody ticket FIRST!

Full View of Prague

Prague City

Road to Prague Castle


View from City TowerPrague View

Prague City View

Prague Tower

Prague City

Small Train

Church in Prague

Prague Castle

Statue of giant with a dagger

Upside Down Statue

Lock on Charls BridgePotato Soup In Bread

Prague Food




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