Recommend–On The Road–A Reality TV Takes You to the Reality



I am always looking for stories that inspire me. On The Road is one of the recent discoveries. This is an outdoor reality TV show. What’s different from other TV shows, is it doesn’t show you the perfect views of Maldives or the amazing food in France. It takes you to the place that all over the news, but you would never think about going. Such as Somalia, Chernobyl and Afghanistan.


There is an old Chinese saying, “you can learn the same from reading 10,000 books and travelling for 10,000 miles.” This documentary takes you to the places which not only physically 10,000 miles away, but also mentally far away from what we can imagine. It will surprise you with the images showing on the screen, will cause you wondering human’s ability and limits, will make you appreciate what you are having now.


Afghanistan as a name is familiar to everyone who watches TV, listens to the radio. You may know who are fighting, who wins, even how many people die. But do you know what they are fighting for? What will happen to those who lose? Those people who got killed they were mothers’ sons, they were children’s fathers. What will happen to their family without them?


What surprised me the most, was those women in Afghanistan. As a woman, I can’t imagine what they have been through, how terrified they would be every day and why the society would treat their children’s mothers like that. I was impressed by those women’s courage and wisdom–even themselves has no education, they are still fighting with their lives for their children’s right of studying so that they can change their fates.


This show is presented by a Chinese couple—they are not professional adventurers, scholars or journalists.They are just an ordinary Chinese couple, who explore the world in a different way. Therefore, there are many imperfections in this show. For example, their opinions presented in the show sometimes are not international-friendly. It might because the target audience is Chinese, some of the opinions still feel like narrow-minded. But considering that dangerous situation and limited resources, their knowledge, courage, and wisdom are inspiring and what they do is truly extraordinary.


Sadly this show is banned in China, since some parties are not happy with it, and they are threatening the safety of those Chinese who live in their locality. But if you are not in China, you can still watch it on YouTube. Give it a try, it will open your mind.



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