Love the Big Hero 6 — A Movie Review

Spoiler alert:This blog is focusing on the stories, so it might have spoilers, please do not read it before watching the movies if you do mind.


Adventure and emotion combine beautifully in one of the most visually extravagant animations yet.

–Robbie Collin, the Telegraph

With all the heart and humor audiences expect from Walt Disney Animation Studios, “Big Hero 6″ is an action-packed comedy-adventure about robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada, who learns to harness his genius-thanks to his brilliant brother Tadashi and their like-minded friends: adrenaline junkie Go Go Tamago, neatnik Wasabi, chemistry whiz Honey Lemon and fanboy Fred. 


The story takes place at a virtual “San Fransokyo”, a city mash-up of America and Japan with future-retro designs. Hiro, a genius little boy, who encouraged by his older brother Tadashi, designs a micro-robot to display in a robot show. However, Tadashi died that night when he tries to save his teacher from the fire, which sets up by the teacher himself in order to steal the micro-robot. Young Hiro is so sad about his brother’s death that he can’t cheer up by anyone, expect Baymax — the robot Tadashi designs to take care of people. Baymax and Tadashi’s friends cheered Hiro up and start their journey of hunting down the guy who threatening the city.


Who doesn’t like Baymax, the fluffy big white balloon, who also have a healing skill to take care of people! The movie doesn’t like most of the Disney Animation, there is no love-at-first-sight, no true love and fake love, no rich or poor, there is only family, friend ship and caring. It shows how to be a kind person, how to deal with losing the person you love, and how to deal with the real world. This movie is not about fiery tale, it is about grow up in the real world.

Baymax Big Hero 6



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