The Movie You Cannot Take A Break — Mad Max Review

Sometimes the story of a movie cannot be the most important element, this movie is an example.

The story of this movie is too simple to explain. At some point it doesn’t deserve an serious analysis.

However, during the process of the movie, you won’t be able to take a break or even move your eyeballs.

People say that George Miller’s film—wild and unrelenting. It is true.

When Max was tied in front of a crazy racing car in the sand storm, when Max’s face covered with blood and washed off with mother’s milk from the gas tanker… Many many moments like this.

But that cannot cover everything that you can feel from his movie.

ANTHONY LANE describe this movie is “possessed of the outlandish poetry, laced with hints of humor, that rises to the surface when the world is all churned up.”

The movie gets close to the furture natural — no city or civilizations, but a endless dissert with horrible sand storm with sick people hunting each other.

I can’t help thinking that what if the furture really became like that?

The rhythm of the movie is so fast, and technique are so well used.

So even the story is a bit too simple, it is still worth the time of watching it.





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