Why the Avengers Became sad? A Movie Review of Avengers: the Age of Ultron


Spoiler alert:This blog might have spoilers, please do not read it before watching the movies if you do mind.

I believe that the first Avengers has brought you a lot of laugh and joy, and many of you were waiting and waiting, looking forward to see the second one on the big screens.

So do I. I even couldn’t wait until an other day. I have to watch the first show. Unfortunately, I was late, the movie was fully booked. Then I realise I am not the only one who loves it so much.

One of the screen of the first one reflects in my head all the time, when Loki yelling at Hulk: “I am the God, you can’t treat me like this!” What did Hulk do? I don’t think anyone could forget it. That was hilarious!

In the second Avengers, you can tell that the director are trying very hard to maintain  the funny feeling, however it only leaves a strong feeling that the screen or conversation are cooked instate of smoothly naturly happened.

For the stories line, our heroes have slightly changed there personality. In another word they became more human. Clint Barton actually has a family with two children and another baby on the way. Black Widow became emotionally involved with Bruce Banner. Iron Man changed into a team person, who is too afraid of hurting his team member to make the right decisions.

I will leave it to you to judge if you like the more human super heroes, or simple super heroes.



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