You Don’t Want to go WILD when you despair – A Movie Review of WILD

Everyone has an upset time, so do I. At that specific time, the specific thing just feels so heavy that we have to be alone. However, go WILD for a big adventure is the last thing you want to do.


I was shocked when I saw Cheryl Strayed (acts by Reese Witherspoon) carried the huge hiking bag, which is defiantly heavier than her, trying to walk along the PCT — from the Mojave desert through California and Oregon to the borders of Washington State. I admired her so much when she kept walking alone into the field for three months. It touched me so much when I figured out that all her despair are because of losing her mother, losing the one who gives her life, who raises her up, who brings her hope. I felt the despair she felt; I carried that heavy sorrow she carried.


However, I can’t agree with her action. Pushing everyone away from her life; putting herself into an extremely dangerous situation—letting people, who cares and loves her worried and suffer!


Sometimes we have to let things go, no matter how hard it is. Everything looks essential, everyone is valuable, but we are just human, we have our limitations. If we keep everything with us, it would be too heavy for us to walking forward. Furthermore, when we suffer from emotional trauma, we don’t have the rationality to make a proper decision. And at particular time, we cannot afford any more consequences caused by a bad decision.


It is a good movie, but it cannot be a model to follow. We need to take extra care of ourselves when we despair. Letting your family into your heart, letting your friends help you, because they truly care and truly want to help. Eventually, time will cure everything. It will heal all the wounds and sorrow, only leave a mark behind to remind you what has happened.


Remember, everything will be OK!




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